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Yoga is an ancient practice, originating in India, that includes guidelines for moral conduct and an aspiration to find the true Self. There are 8 limbs of yoga which every sadakah, yoga practitioner, will observe in seeking the true Self. I teach hatha yoga class; based primarily on the 3rd and 4th limbs of yoga focusing on the physical body. My class includes asana or postures and pranayama or maintenance of the life energy which is primarily developed through breathing exercises.

I am a graduate from North Carolina School of Yoga’s 250 hr teacher training program. There I studied postures, breathing, and traditional yogic life style. Since the basic training I have gone back to NCSY for intensive weekend studies in Children’s Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Anatomy and Therapeutics, as well as Prenatal Yoga. Additionally, I have participated in Lila Wilson’s weekend workshop “Yoga for Teens Teacher Training”, Michelle Wing’s “It’s Yoga Kids Certification Course”, as well as The Art of Yoga Project’s teacher training for classrooms with at-risk and exploited teens. I have also participated in the 8 week Core Strength Training on the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics; “a developmentally-informed, biologically-respectful approach to working with at-risk children”.

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Omm Shanti Omm

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