I recently had the luxury of sitting down to chat with the lovely Kirsten O’Malley. Kirsten and I had the pleasure of meeting in 2011 while working professionally for a Mayzsoul Dance Company in the Washington DC area. I sadly had to leave the company when I moved out to SF in 2012.  Kirsten is now a soon to be mama and the mastermind behind new website and blog How Simply Amazing. She is embarking on a a journey to highlight bay area fitness and health specialist, creating a sort of encyclopedia of local wellness experts. A few weeks ago I received an exciting text asking if I would like to be featured on her blog. Of course I said yes and now years after dancing together we meet again 3,000 miles from our NoVA origins. You can see the results of our discussion and the beginnings of Kirsten’s encyclopedia here!


Kirsten and I in 2011…


Dress Rehearsal



Performance Day Warm-up


Show Time!