I recently had the luxury of sitting down to chat with the lovely Kirsten O’Malley. Kirsten and I had the pleasure of meeting in 2011 while working professionally for a Mayzsoul Dance Company in the Washington DC area. I sadly had to leave the company when I moved out to SF in 2012.  Kirsten is now a soon to be mama and the mastermind behind new website and blog How Simply Amazing. She is embarking on a a journey to highlight bay area fitness and health specialist, creating a sort of encyclopedia of local wellness experts. A few weeks ago I received an exciting text asking if I would like to be featured on her blog. Of course I said yes and now years after dancing together we meet again 3,000 miles from our NoVA origins. You can see the results of our discussion and the beginnings of Kirsten’s encyclopedia here!


Kirsten and I in 2011…


Dress Rehearsal



Performance Day Warm-up


Show Time!


The Rocks, the Beach, and of course the Asana…

After viewing a few pictures on MM from the shoot with HFB Photography an Italian gentleman, Fabio Formaggio, asked if we could meet up to create some more pics at the beach for his shutterstock page. Seeing as I am all too happy for a reason to offer poses in the sun I said yes. Here are a few of my favorites…


Woman training yoga on the beach at sunset

Vriksasana Variation


Woman training yoga on the beach at sunset

Side Stretch


Woman training yoga on the beach at sunset

Standing Split Variation

Woman training yoga on the beach at sunset


“It was a 2,000 step process.” Thomas Edison

“After [Edison] invented the lightbulb, this young gentleman came up to him and asked him, ‘How did it feel to fail over 2,000 times?’ Edison said, ‘I never failed once. It was a 2,000 step process.”‘

Happiest of New Years to all!

On January 1st 2016 I set Ganda Bherundasana as my goal for the year. I had been fearing this pose for many years. My fear stemmed from the apparent weight distribution. To me the pose looked and felt like a great risk of breaking the neck! After some discussion with a really wonderful teacher, Melissa, I discovered that the weight was actually primarily in the arms and the chin and chest were just sort of there for balance, barely holding any weight at all. I still had some work to do in terms of finding that balance and gaining the upper body strength but after that moment I was no longer afraid and progress occurred quickly. Before long I was flying into it from Eka Pada Koundinyasana (flying split pose) and then kicking up out of Astangasana (8 point pose)!


Ganda Bherundasana from Astangasana

This year, 2017, I would like to tackle another pose that I have been working on for years and years, Vrishchikasana, full scorpion pose. I have a pretty strong forearm balance and a good back bend but I have yet to manage to get my toes to touch my head while in the forearm balance. Teachers have been saying, “It’s right there just bring your chest forward and head up a little bit more. You’re right there!” I can see what they mean, from my preliminary attempt on January 1st it looks like it’s just around the corner. I did already notice this week that my first attempt was incredibly crooked. Sometimes it helps to just take a look at a picture of yourself, I never would have known if I hadn’t seen it in the picture!


The first attempt was pretty lopsided.


Already improving!

Thank Your for Contributing to the Silver Avenue Family Health Center Campaign!


So much gratitude to the amazing contributors helping the Silver Avenue Family Health Center Community Yoga class survive! The class will be running through March 2016 in great thanks to many donors including…

Sally S Stout,

Christina Brown,

Truc Nguyen, 

Donald Hammonds, 

Breanna DiGiammarino, 

Erin Curtis 

If you’re excited about providing yoga to folks in the excelsior community, the campaign is still live and you can continue to contribute here