YMCA Yoga and Arts Camp 3-5

YMCA Campers are having a blast this summer at Yoga and Arts Camp!

Question for Campers: “What is your favorite part of Yoga and Arts Camp?”

Answers: “I liked it all!” “Deep relaxation.” “Meditation jars.” “The Zendo at Green Gulch.” 

20160709_163525                     20160709_163955 (2)

One of the highlights of our 3rd through 5th grade week was taking a trip to the Green Gulch Farm. Campers really loved meditation in the Zendo, smelling, touching, and even tasting some of the leaves and fruits on the farm, and learning about the honey bees complete with a treat; honey on a sorrel leaf! One of the quotes from our thank you letter pretty much sums it up, “I really liked Green Gulch farm I want to live there SO badly! I hope I can go there again.”